Use a drone to record your group's rehearsal. Other recording methods are being tested.



Using the BX5 Labs Director Desktop App*, upload the video and drill files to our servers.


Within 24 hours, our computer vision engineers will analyze your video.




The Student App can view video and player paths, and the Director Desktop App* displays the analytics.


Use a drone from one of our approved vendors to record your group from behind the back sideline, away from the players, at a height 100's of feet in the air.

Drone Video


With the Director Desktop App*, easily upload and manage videos and drill chart files. Click here for the Director Desktop App Preview.

Director Desktop App


Our computer vision engineers have developed a tracking system that can compare every performers position to your drill chart files giving you a previously unknown level of information. Directors can save hours in rehearsal preparation.

Computer Vision


After the analysis is complete, directors and performers will have access to videos and path plots. Performers can evaluate their performance and self-correct. The Performer App is still in development.

Performer App


HOW it works


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